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Maybe an extra expense like an unforeseen medical bill or car repair will strain it beyond your comfort zone. Or, maybe you know what’s coming and you need the extra cash on hand for a big celebration or the holidays.

Priority Plus understands and we designed our Skip-A-Payment program to help when you need it.

What is Skip-A-Payment?

Skip-A-Payment allows you to choose to skip a Priority Plus loan payment any month you choose. Skip your December personal payment and use the extra cash to shop for the holidays. Skip your July car payment and use the money while on vacation. The choice is yours.

Eligible loans in good standing and after the initial six payments include:

  • Vehicle Loans
  • Signature Loans
  • Vacation Loans
  • Holiday Loans

It’s simple to do and only costs $20 to activate. Apply now and put a little breathing room back in your budget.
download skip-a-payment application

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    — Sakeenah S. February 25, 2022
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    — Norwood August 29, 2013
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    — Missy White July 7, 2013