Domestic Wire Transfers

Outgoing Transfers

Visit or call our office to schedule your outgoing wire transfer. There is a $20 fee for one-time outgoing wire transfers, or you can set up reoccurring wire transfers for a fee of $15 each. Please have the following information ready to set up your outgoing wire transfer:

  1. Amount of transfer
  2. Receiving Bank:
    City, State, Zip
  3. Beneficiary Credit /Further Credit to:
    Street Address
    City, State, Zip
  4. Beneficiary Final Credit to:
    Receiving Party’s Name
    Account Number
    Type of Account (Checking or Savings)

Requests for outgoing transfers must be received by 2:00 pm.

Incoming Transfers

There is a $15 fee for incoming transfers. Provide the wiring party with the follow information:

Receiving Bank:
ABA: 231387550
VIZO Financial Federal Credit Union
Middletown PA 17057

Beneficiary Credit /Further Credit to:
ABA: 231177281
Priority Plus FCU
6 Lynam St
Wilmington DE 19804

Beneficiary Final Credit to:
Member Name
Member Address
Member Account Number
Type of Account (Checking or Savings)
Member Daytime Phone

Western Union, Domestic

As with wire transfers, these requests must be received by 2:00 pm. The fee for Western Union transfers is $25.

Notary Service

We offer FREE notary service for our members at our branch location. Please contact us ahead of time to make sure our notary will be available when you visit us.

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